Sana Ullah

Sana Ullah, 21, hopes to travel the world and document what she sees through her camera.
Sana Ullah, 21, hopes to travel the world and document what she sees  through her camera.

Listen to her story: 

Sana Ullah is about to graduate  with a bachelor´s in digital media. She could start working for a company as their digital marketing agent, but what she really wants is to be a photojournalist and travel around the world. 

Her love for photography started years ago, and she even started her own photography business which has grown tremendously over four years. Her photography passion is driven by her need to tell people´s stories. This is something she started to do with a personal project where she asks people their story, and from there she figures a way to put that on a photo. Before she posts the story, she sends it to them for approval.

“I want everything to be from their own perspective,” said Ullah. “So if they see themselves that way, I want everyone else to see them as that.”

This is important to Ullah because she feels that many people assume what her story is just by the way she dresses.

“I want to show how people are unique in their ways,” sadi Ullah.  “But we are the same and that is what makes us equal.”

Check her photography project on Facebook and on her blog.

More of Sana:


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