Carlos Spartacus

Listen to his story:  Art is educational. Art can transcend one idea to another and make people think about certain topics. And that is exactly what Carlos Spartacus wants to do for the rest of his life. Being an artist may not be the easiest job with a stable salary, but Spartacus does not care […]

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Julia Duba

Born and raised in Miami, Julia Duba had a different college path than most students. By the time she graduated high school, she had her Associate Degree and was ready to pick a major and continue her education at Florida International University. But what in the world was she going to study? First, Duba majored […]

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TED Talks es una plataforma mundial que permite a todo tipo de persona compartir su conocimiento a través de conferencias, cuando empezó en 1984, TED sólo presentaba temas sobre tecnología, entretenimiento y diseño. Hoy en día los temas tratan  desde cultura, películas, publicidad, medioambiente, hasta arte.   El objetivo de estas conferencias es compartir conocimiento, […]



Friendly people, delicious Arabic food, peaceful deserts and spectacular ancient architecture are a few things today´s media fail to mention when talking about Egypt, where half of the population protested against its recently overthrown president, Mohammed Morsi. But it was precisely the people, delicious food, peaceful deserts and ancient architecture I experienced for the seven […]


My New Home

The intern house where I am staying has a pharmacy, café and a convenience store below. The walls and stairs of the apartment building´s lobby look dusty and worn out from time and the dry climate. “I wonder if the place is like this due to the revolution,” I thought. We walked into the apartment, […]

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