Friendly people, delicious Arabic food, peaceful deserts and spectacular ancient architecture are a few things today´s media fail to mention when talking about Egypt, where half of the population protested against its recently overthrown president, Mohammed Morsi. But it was precisely the people, delicious food, peaceful deserts and ancient architecture I experienced for the seven […]


Al Moe´z Street: discover Cairo

If you are traveling around Cairo, a must-see area is Al-Moez Street, one of the hidden beauties in the city. It is the oldest main street in Islamic Cairo, and holds several mosques established in the Fatimid era, which served as schools, hospitals and an orphanage. The first mosque on the street is Al-Azhar Mosque, […]

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My everyday transportation consists of sweaty and sometimes crowded taxi rides around Cairo; puzzled looks between the non-arabic speaking passengers and the taxi driver, as well as various hand signals trying to show train stations, restaurants and traffic signals, such as right, left and straight. My roommates and I have had unusual conversations in broken […]

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CAIRO-Elrazaz is an isolated community within Cairo. It is only a few blocks away from several main streets, but manages to maintain its own identity. The over one million populated region represents a lower socio-economic section in Egypt’s’ society. Dirt roads filled with trash lead the way to run-down brick houses and unsteady doors and […]

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Number Eleven

After living two weeks in Cairo and going up and down the elevator several times a day, I have gotten used to the sudden thump as the small lift decides to move. The first day I saw the elevator, my heart stopped for a few seconds. It barely fits five people, but in Egypt, you […]

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My New Home

The intern house where I am staying has a pharmacy, café and a convenience store below. The walls and stairs of the apartment building´s lobby look dusty and worn out from time and the dry climate. “I wonder if the place is like this due to the revolution,” I thought. We walked into the apartment, […]

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