Leana Castillo

  Escucha su historia:  Leana Catillo, 21, es estudiante de odontología en Estelí, Nicaragua. Cuando ella era pequeña, tuvo problemas con sus dientes; al ver que se podían arreglar, se dió cuenta que la odontología era su pasión. Castillo dice que es una carrera muy bonita y es como ser un artista, ya que puede […]


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Hunter Franqui

Listen to the story:  Deciding what career path to take can be very stressful with many doubts along the way. Hunter Franqui, 22, almost joined the army before going to college and listening to this thing inside of him that he really, really liked. “I chose TV,” said Franqui. “Then, it was in front or […]

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  Listen to her story:   Domestic violence victims can approach their past and future through photography. This is what photographer PaoPao is doing with her latest project called Broken Free. She photographs victims as they tell their story and incorporates photo collages put together by the person. “It´s called Broken Free,” she said. “The […]

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Sarah Gamazo

Listen to her story:  Can stability be someone’s passion? Something a person wants in their life so they can later on do what they have always wanted. Stability as a motivational passion? Sara Gamazo, born and raised in Spain, is 27 years old and a few days ago she moved to Portland, Ore., to work […]

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Sana Ullah

Listen to her story:  Sana Ullah is about to graduate  with a bachelor´s in digital media. She could start working for a company as their digital marketing agent, but what she really wants is to be a photojournalist and travel around the world.  Her love for photography started years ago, and she even started her […]

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Marvel Bishop

After seeing his best friend´s photography and video work, Marvel Bishop´s curiosity for his creativity began. A few Iphone photos later and dedication, Bishop decided to pursue his true passion: photography and film. This millennial chose a different path in school from his passion, but that did not stop him from focusing on what he […]

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Jessica Meszaros

Jessica Meszaros, 23, fell in love with radio storytelling after she had an internship with WLRN in Miami. “It is fun when you hear your final product,” she said. “And I hear my name, story, and hard work. I hear it over the radio and just for a minute and 30 seconds everything is just […]

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Jose Pagliery

A year and a half into college, Jose Pagliery was 20 years old and the American economy had crashed. He was studying journalism at FIU, and he realized that he had no idea about what was going on in the country´s financial downfall. So he decided to take economy classes that would add value to […]

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Juan Brizuela

Some students decide to major in something that they are good at but it is not their true passion. Juan Brizuela wanted job and life security, so he put his love for music aside and chose to major in something else that offered him stability as well as other opportunities. Taking AP classes in high […]

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Julia Duba

Born and raised in Miami, Julia Duba had a different college path than most students. By the time she graduated high school, she had her Associate Degree and was ready to pick a major and continue her education at Florida International University. But what in the world was she going to study? First, Duba majored […]

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