Leana Castillo

  Escucha su historia:  Leana Catillo, 21, es estudiante de odontología en Estelí, Nicaragua. Cuando ella era pequeña, tuvo problemas con sus dientes; al ver que se podían arreglar, se dió cuenta que la odontología era su pasión. Castillo dice que es una carrera muy bonita y es como ser un artista, ya que puede […]

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  Listen to her story:   Domestic violence victims can approach their past and future through photography. This is what photographer PaoPao is doing with her latest project called Broken Free. She photographs victims as they tell their story and incorporates photo collages put together by the person. “It´s called Broken Free,” she said. “The […]

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Sarah Gamazo

Listen to her story:  Can stability be someone’s passion? Something a person wants in their life so they can later on do what they have always wanted. Stability as a motivational passion? Sara Gamazo, born and raised in Spain, is 27 years old and a few days ago she moved to Portland, Ore., to work […]

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Sana Ullah

Listen to her story:  Sana Ullah is about to graduate  with a bachelor´s in digital media. She could start working for a company as their digital marketing agent, but what she really wants is to be a photojournalist and travel around the world.  Her love for photography started years ago, and she even started her […]

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