TED Talks es una plataforma mundial que permite a todo tipo de persona compartir su conocimiento a través de conferencias, cuando empezó en 1984, TED sólo presentaba temas sobre tecnología, entretenimiento y diseño. Hoy en día los temas tratan  desde cultura, películas, publicidad, medioambiente, hasta arte.   El objetivo de estas conferencias es compartir conocimiento, […]



A photograph’s connection

On May 30, 2013, I visited the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, the first mosque built in Africa. I went along with a few colleagues of mine who were also international students on an internship in Egypt; our internship consisted in visiting different places inside and outside Cairo. On that day, after walking around the […]

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Education is Power

Sometimes people can take for granted the simplest things in life, such as a basic education which for many people today is part of his or her life from a very young age. Reading and writing are part of the foundations of a person´s life path. For Maria Leonor Gomez Franco, being able to read […]

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Al Moe´z Street: discover Cairo

If you are traveling around Cairo, a must-see area is Al-Moez Street, one of the hidden beauties in the city. It is the oldest main street in Islamic Cairo, and holds several mosques established in the Fatimid era, which served as schools, hospitals and an orphanage. The first mosque on the street is Al-Azhar Mosque, […]

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