Making of “A Family´s Collection”

Going into Elrazaz: This summer, I lived in Cairo for seven weeks. During this time, I met the NGO, Life Makers, which took me to a community called Elrazaz. This neighborhood is surrounded by trash filled mountains and dirt roads that seem to never end. Brown-brick houses stack next to each other, creating an ongoing […]


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Kids from the block: Nasr City

First time I interacted with Ahmad Hatem, 14, was at the convenience store below my apartment. I was trying to communicate with the owner by making hand movements as if I were a bee since I wanted to buy honey. I had found a golden jar which appeared to be honey, but by any means, […]

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CAIRO-Elrazaz is an isolated community within Cairo. It is only a few blocks away from several main streets, but manages to maintain its own identity. The over one million populated region represents a lower socio-economic section in Egypt’s’ society. Dirt roads filled with trash lead the way to run-down brick houses and unsteady doors and […]

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