Sarah Gamazo

Listen to her story: 

Can stability be someone’s passion? Something a person wants in their life so they can later on do what they have always wanted.

Stability as a motivational passion?

Sara Gamazo, born and raised in Spain, is 27 years old and a few days ago she moved to Portland, Ore., to work with one of the biggest advertising companies in the US, Wieden and Kennedy.

She moved to Miami to study English, and when she realized going back to Spain was not an option—due to the economic crisis—Gamazo enrolled to a university to get her bachelor´s in marketing.

Marketing is something she likes to do, but writing, drawing, crafts and enjoying life and family are other important things she wants to do.

“My dreams and goals in life are not related to work,” she said. “But in some way I have to think about it. So I have separate dreams about work and life.”

When she turns 50 years old, Gamazo sees herself in a big house with a huge garden where she can grow lettuce, tomatoes, different plants and flowers. After spending the whole day there, she can visit the garage where she will create things with her hands. She hopes that her children will be traveling the world or studying abroad. She sees this as a product of working for many years and finding a financial stability that will allow her to travel and enjoy life later on.


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