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Celebrating 110 years of Frida Kahlo’s birth.

Padres de los niños muertos por el incendio de la Guardería ABC instalan anti-monumento en frente del IMSS. Los padres siguen buscando justicia después de ocho años del incidente

The following videos were produced in Spanish and English, shot on a Canon 70D and edited on Premiere

Spanish version: +98k views.

A new beginning is always possible for these deported immigrants:

Video was also made in English with over 155k views.

Terapia para machistas:

English version: +11k views.

English version: +70k views.

Univision Noticias

Anthony Peralta found his niche in pop culture after embracing his Latino roots. Peralta says the hate and love relationship with his parents’ country changed his life and work. He creates art that mixes his Dominican, New Yorker and Hip-Hop culture for an international audience who follows him closely on social media.  Shot with a C100 camera and edited on Premiere.

The Lo-Down NY

Angel Díaz, 67, volunteers at Radio Maria to teach immigrants in his community about any legal doubts newcomers may have. He moved from Puerto Rico in 1967 and knows what it’s like to learn a new language and leave a home. Shot with C100 camera and edited with premiere.

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism