Carlos Spartacus

Listen to his story:  Art is educational. Art can transcend one idea to another and make people think about certain topics. And that is exactly what Carlos Spartacus wants to do for the rest of his life. Being an artist may not be the easiest job with a stable salary, but Spartacus does not care […]

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Marvel Bishop

After seeing his best friend´s photography and video work, Marvel Bishop´s curiosity for his creativity began. A few Iphone photos later and dedication, Bishop decided to pursue his true passion: photography and film. This millennial chose a different path in school from his passion, but that did not stop him from focusing on what he […]

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Juan Brizuela

Some students decide to major in something that they are good at but it is not their true passion. Juan Brizuela wanted job and life security, so he put his love for music aside and chose to major in something else that offered him stability as well as other opportunities. Taking AP classes in high […]

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