Hunter Franqui


Listen to the story: 

Deciding what career path to take can be very stressful with many doubts along the way. Hunter Franqui, 22, almost joined the army before going to college and listening to this thing inside of him that he really, really liked.

“I chose TV,” said Franqui. “Then, it was in front or behind of the camera? In front. Ok, then I must be an actor.”

But acting wasn´t his thing either.

“Maybe teaching is my thing,” he said.

He worked for a few years as a substitute teacher in a high school; he did like it, but he wanted something more. Franqui tries to find a happy medium between the things he likes and wants to do. If he can´t find it, then he will create a new path for himself until he gets it.

“Anybody doubting themselves on what they want to do is OK,” he said. “It is part of the process.”

No matter the process, Franqui wants to entertain people in a positive light, which he thinks today´s media lacks.

“The child in me that never goes away inspires me to create video and get people excited about it,” he said. “But what inspires me to affect people positively comes from my mom because she is such a giver.”

Both his mother and grandfather inspired him to create an “empire of positive things,” and for Franqui, sharing those values will make his grandfather´s dreams a reality.



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