Juan Brizuela

Some students decide to major in something that they are good at but it is not their true passion. Juan Brizuela wanted job and life security, so he put his love for music aside and chose to major in something else that offered him stability as well as other opportunities.

Taking AP classes in high school helped Brizuela get ahead in college, so at age 20 he graduated with a bachelor´s in English.

He grew up in a culture where the best and most decent professions are doctor, engineer and lawyer. But his passion, music, was something completely different from any of these.

“That´s what I´ve been accustomed to in my head,” said Brizuela. “But I want to get into music and singing.”

Music never became an option for a major because he was uncertain as how the job market would be for a singer. So he decided to do something he felt comfortable with: writing and editing.

But his passion for music has always been present. Another reason why he didn´t pursue it in school was because he wasn´t sure how he could learn something he loved in a classroom.

“I wanted to see what I did with it myself,” he said.

Today, Brizuela is 21 years old and has a job at Florida International University in the College of Arts and Architecture. His plans for 2014 include working at FIU, which he considers his second home, starting his master´s and going back to songwriting.

“Is something I really want to pursue more because I do regret missing out on the years that I didn’t do my singing,” he said. “I don’t want to regret it. I just want to do what I can with what I have.”


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