Podcast: Art Basel impacts local art supply store

Listen to the story:

It may take months of preparation for Miami artists to get ready for Art Basel. But for local art supply stores, this time of the year means extra hours and big sales.

I.D Art is a family-run business in Downtown Miami. The art supply store carries the main brands in the market and specializes in custom framing.

“We try to stock as much as possible for the artists,” said Ivan De Lucia, owner of I.D Art.

The store divides its type of clients by season. During spring, art students are the regular clients. In summer, people who do art as a hobby sustain the business. And during Art Basel season, professional artists visit the store frequently.

“During the year you may have Britto come in two or three times,” said De Lucia. “But during this period you have him come in every three days.”

For this local business, Art Basel not only brings big personalities to the store, but opportunities to work with the community and support local artists.

What: I.D. Art Supply Store and Custom Framing

Where: 1470 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Website: http://www.idartsupply.com

Story published in South Florida News Service: http://sfnsonline.com/2013/12/01/art-basel-impacts-local-art-supply-store/


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