My everyday transportation consists of sweaty and sometimes crowded taxi rides around Cairo; puzzled looks between the non-arabic speaking passengers and the taxi driver, as well as various hand signals trying to show train stations, restaurants and traffic signals, such as right, left and straight.

My roommates and I have had unusual conversations in broken English with some drivers, while with a few other drivers the ride ends with confrontations and screams as we try to get our correct change or pay the correct amount.

The taxi rides have always been safe, yet there are times we are afraid that the driver will take us on a different path to charge us more. This has sometimes happened, but after a few weeks in Cairo, we have learned that Google Maps is a trusty companion on our way home.

If you are ever in Egypt, remember this helpful words:
Yemeen: right
Shemal: left
Alatool: straight ahead
My taxi series in Cairo.



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